Cosmic yt Youtube channel terminated | While Live Streaming

cosmic yt channel terminated

Cosmic Yt is gaming youtube channel which is running by Youtube content creator/gamer Inderpal singh. He was Individual Youtube content creator and also gamer. Inderpal singh was popular in his gameplay especially in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) mobile. Now his Youtube channel no longer available in Youtube due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy against spam, deceptive practices, and misleading content or other Terms of Service violations.

Cosmic yt channel terminated

Yes this what happened last night (03-06-2019) at 12:30 AM. Inderpal singh was playing PUBG mobile with is clan members. In last match of his streaming,, Cosmic yt encountered with Dynamo Gaming (Youtube Gamer) as his opponent. Both were streaming at their channel.At the end of the match suddenly Cosmic Yt channel chat box filled with Spam bot 18+ adult links and stream ended automatically. After this incident Dyanamo gaming chat filled with cosmic yt terminated news and Dynamo said that he will help him to get his channel back.

Here is the video about reaction of Dynamo Gaming 

Video Source : Dynamo Gaming Channel –

Also said that this type of issues happened with some other Youtuber’s  and it will be fixed within 24 hours.

Hope Cosmic Yt channel will come in Youtube soon. 🙂

Cosmic YT instagram :

The most common reasons for this kind of termination are:

  1. Spamming links to your videos or channel on another creators’ content.
  2. Videos that demonstrate Circumvention of Technological Measures 
  3. Using deceptive thumbnails or titles
  4. Using deceptive/unrelated tags or metadata
  5. Abusing the use of affiliate links
  6. Uploading content involving hacking or obtaining paid items (software/movies) illegally for free
  7. Links to scam/infected websites
  8. Links to sites outside of YouTube to get the content described in the title
  9. Unrelated and/or disguised affiliate links in the description or comments
  10. Unrelated links in the description or comments
  11. Use of shortened links that require an ad view to visit (i.e.
  12. Filling the description with tags
  13. Links to sites selling federally regulated products (e.g., pharmaceuticals, firearms)
  14. Spamming comments repeatedly on one or more videos
  15. The video itself is a kind of scam

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