Nanna Gelathi And Nanna Geleya Male Female Version Mashup | Remix

Nanna gelathi nanna geleya remix mashup

Nanna Gelathi Nanna Gelath”  song which is in trending on Youtube right now. This is a Kannada song with North Karnataka style which is uploaded on May 2, 2019 by Nimma RC Youtube channel. Rakesh Chatra T K is owner of this channelVideo went viral on youtube and also gained 154K+  Likes and 7 millions+ views. Mr. Manjunath Sangalad who has written lyrics and sung the original song.

Afterward popularity of this male version Female version was also uploaded by Vinayak Dandagi and song sung by Rashmi S Guddad.  As result this song also trending in youtube with 2Million+ Views. Here is the female version of nanna geleya Kannada song.

There are so many male and female remix or mashup version of this song in Youtube. However among all videos here is the best one. You can get it below.

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